ALSIC Statement on Senate Finance Committee Drug Price Control Legislation

July 26, 2019

Washington, DC (July 26, 2019) – The American Life Science Innovation Council (ALSIC) released the following statement in response to the Senate Finance Committee’s drug price control legislation: “Legislation that cleared the Senate Finance Committee on July 25 would have a crippling effect on life science innovation if it passes the full Senate. This legislation…

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Public Attitudes on Access to Innovation Survey

July 23, 2019

This report presents the aggregate results of 10 statewide surveys conducted by ALSIC between January 17 and April 11, 2019. Surveys were conducted to measure public attitudes on access to innovation. The primary objective of the individual state surveys and this aggregate report was to locate opportunities for practical policy solutions by identifying consensus opinions among the voting population in general, including traditionally disparate partisan perspectives. A secondary objective was to assess any key differences in opinion driven by age or household income that may come into play while developing specific policy prescriptions.

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