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Improving FDA Regulation

California Heathcare Institute study



IPAB Under Fire

IPAB Repeal Group Letter Signed by 272 State and National Organizations

Medicare Must Remain a Responsibility of Congress

270 healthcare groups back IPAB repeal

Mission Impossible: Medicare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board

President Obama’s Health “Reform”: Bureaucrats Choose, Patients Lose

Should U.S. Import U.K. Model For Medicare And Medicaid?

“Obama Panel to Curb Medicare Finds Foes in Both Parties” by Robert Pear, New York Times April 20, 2011

“The Other Medicare Cutters,” Wall Street Journal April 20, 2011

If Rationing is So Great, Why Does Britain Have Higher Cost Growth Than the U.S.?

Obama Declares War on Medical Innovation

Op-Ed on the importance of medical innovation to PA economy

HLC Among Health, Employer Groups Pushing for IPAB Repeal, Say Board Will Shift Costs to Consumers

Health Reform and the Friday after Obama’s Speech

Reforming America’s Health Care System

The Independent Payment Advisory Board: A New Approach to Controlling Medicare Spending

Health care reform could provide unfriendly for innovation, patients

NAMI’s IPAB letter

LinkPad: IPAB

Repeal ObamaCare’s Payment Panel Now

IPAB’s Seven Deadliest Sins

Expert Says IPAB Will in Fact Lead to Rationed Care (Video)

Why IPAB Repeal Helps Alleviate Democrats’ Health Care Headaches

The IPAB is bad medicine for seniors

IPAB Would Reduce Access to Care, Witnesses Tell Ways and Means Panel


Groups Concerned With IPAB

Doctors Caucus Letter to Obama on IPAB

List of Federal groups

List of State groups

American Osteopathic Association

Alliance of Specialty Medicine

Association of American Medical Colleges

American College of Cardiology

IPAB letter to congress

Society for Vascular Surgery

AMA recommendations for reconciling H.R. 3962 and H.R. 3590

Physician coalition letter to Pelosi

American Academy of Family Physicians

American College of Rheumatology

Letter to the Honorable Harry Reid

Alliance for Patient Access

American Hospital Association (AHA)

National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services Programs

American Medical Association

The American Osteopathic Association (AOA)

Coalition for Affordable Health Coverage

The National Grange

National Committee Independent Medicare Advisory Council


BIO Industry

Battelle/BIO State Bioscience Initiatives 2010

Technology, talent and capital: State Bioscience Initiatives 2008

Physician Prescribing Trends and the Impact of Payer Coverage Policy

The Economic Contributions of the Biotechnology Industry to the U.S. Economy

Follow-on biologics: data exclusivity and the balance between innovation and competition

Data Exclusivity Periods for Biologics: Updating Prior Analyses and Responding to Critiques


Medicare Part D

Budget Oddity in Medicare Debate Delivers Cheap Drug Program

The President’s Plan To End Medicare Part D As We Know It

Medicare drug plan should be left alone

Sally Pipes: Medicare Part D isn’t broke so don’t fix it

Tampering with Part D Will Not Solve our Debt Crisis

Klein’s F on Part D

Government-only Medicare program would be a disaster for American seniors, economy

Medicare Part D: A Health Care Success Story

The Impact of Medicare Part D on Hospitalization Rates

Innovation and The Welfare Effects of Public Drug Insurance

Patents, innovation, and the welfare effects of Medicare Part D.

The Effect of Medicare Part D on Pharmaceutical Prices and Utilization

Medicare Part D and Prescription Drug Prices

Why shouldn’t the government negotiate prices and use its buying power to get drug costs down?

Seniors see savings on Rx drugs under 2010 health care law

HHS Health Message of the Day: Doughnut-Hole Savings

Senator announces map showing county-by-county savings from the Affordable Care Act’s provisions that help close the prescription drug “donut hole”

U.S.: ACA to save seniors $4,200 by ’21

New Congressional Budget Office Findings Show Medicare Part D Continues to Hold the Line on Costs


Medical Devices

The 510(k) Process: The Key to Effective Device Regulation

State Economic Impact of the Medical Technology Industry 2010

Estimates of Medical Device Spending in the United States

The Value of Diagnostics: The Impact of Hospital Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing

The Value of Technology in Health Care: Better Care, Better Lives

MDMA Remains Committed to Repealing Medical Device Tax

Battelle Study on The Economic Impact of the U.S. Advanced Medical Technology Industry

Medical Device Manufacturers Association – Health Care Reform, Device Tax

Medical Device Tax Already Costing Jobs as Health Care Reform Marks Anniversary

Joint Letter to House Leadership Presses for Device Tax Vote

MDMA Statement on IRS Proposed Regulations for the Medical Device Tax

2012 Medical Device Industry Survey

Are there hidden costs in the medical device tax?

Med-tech tax ranks among most likely to hurt seniors

Medical device makers decry cost of new tax

Medical device industry, lawmakers rally against new tax in Philly

How a medical device tax will affect the industry


Medicare Part B

Will the Sequester Cause Oncologists to Lose Money Prescribing Chemotherapy?

Sequestration Forces Cancer Clinic Patients To TravelThousands Of Miles For Treatment

Cancer clinics feel cuts’ pain

Cancer clinics are turning away thousands of Medicare patients. Blame the sequester.

Reid remarks on budget cuts

Medicare Part B: Doctor Costs and Lab Tests

Oppose Medicare Cuts to Cancer-Fighting Drugs

Congressmen Pascrell, Lance Rally Congress Members in a Bipartisan Effort to Fight Proposed $3 Billion in Cuts from Medicare Part B Coverage for Cancer Patients

Lance, Pascrell Lead Bipartisan Fight Against Proposed Cuts for Cancer Patients

Supercommittee: Don’t Cut Medicare Part B

Lawmakers should keep funding for Medicare Part B

Medicare Payment Cuts For Osteoporosis Testing Reduced Use Despite Tests’ Benefit In Reducing Fractures (Abstract)


Venture Capital

Life Sciences Venture Capital Investment Level Rebounds in Q1 2011 but Deal Volume Declines

Patient Capital: How Venture Capital Investment drives revolutionary Medical Innovation

NVCA and MEDIC FDA Reform Priorities

NVCA Statement Regarding Medical Device Innovation Initiative

FDA Impact on Med Tech Innovation Study